Hope (live at Raise the Bar)


Barafundle Bundle (live at 2016 BBC Slam final)


The Other Couple (PAW #24)


On Leaving (PAW #23)


Poem for RHS Tatton Park (PAW #22, a Hosta Consulting commission)


Dad Joke, for two voices (PAW #21)


Big Heart (PAW #20)


The Real World (PAW #19)


Gutted (PAW #18)


Hope (PAW #17)


Sample Script for Pro-Remain Viral (PAW #16)


So You Want To Study English? (PAW #15)


It’s difficult for children to pinpoint the exact moment they realise that nothing lasts forever, but rather it slides into view, like the silver wink of the sea as the family Astra rounds the bend of a Lincolnshire hill (PAW #14)


Data Retrieval (PAW #13)


Washing Cars with John Kennedy Toole (PAW #12)


Those Three Words (PAW #11)


Delilah (PAW #10)


Barafundle Bundle (PAW #9)


London Not-To-Do List (PAW #8)


A very tentative ‘like’ poem (PAW #7)


It’s 9:32 in the Big Brother house (PAW #6)


Nightswimming (after R.E.M.) (PAW #5)


Imposter Syndrome (PAW #4)


Breaking Cobs (PAW #3)


Future Nan (PAW #2)


Punchline (PAW #1)


Funeral Arrangements for Uncle John


Role Play (with the Misha Mullov-Abbado Quintet)


Live at BBC Proms


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family – teaser trailer

Click here to book tickets!


Tour de Force (a Southbank Centre commission, live at the Royal Festival Hall)


Keep Running (an IdeasTap commission)


Live on BBC Radio 3 (interview and reading of A Tonic Bomb)


Hypothetically Speaking (live at Tongue Fu)


Gravity (live at 2013 Roundhouse Poetry Slam final)

I’m currently working on an animated version of ‘Gravity’ with the fantastic Tim Wheatley.


Dismembered Voices

Alternative version of Dismembered Voices


The Only Way

Alternative version of The Only Way (recorded exclusively with Writers’ Bloc for the 2013 YouTube Poetry Slam)


Disaster Sex


F-Bomb (live at 2012 UK Team Poetry Slam)


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